How to recruit for niche positions

It’s a “niche role” or “difficult to fill position” are usually the immortal words uttered to a recruitment consultant once an employer has begrudgingly admitted defeat in the hiring process.  It is often a way in to a company for a recruiter; but what tactics should an in-house team of recruiters put in place to help fill the roles they know will be notoriously difficult to hire for?

Here are 5 short tips to help with the process:

1.   Know the job. It sounds simple enough but to really be in a position to fill any role you need to understand what you are looking for.

2.   Have a skill set in mind. Sometimes a role is hard to fill because of a lack of suitably experienced candidates, or candidates who for whatever reason, are not moving jobs in that industry. If you have a series of competencies and skills that you know are needed for the job, but are not necessarily exclusive to that profession then advertise based on the skills more heavily than the relevant experience of the candidate.

3.   Keep an open mind. Could the role be evolved or modified to accommodate candidates if they demonstrate enough of the criteria you are looking for.

4.   Succession plan! This really starts before the recruitment process, but if you have areas of your business where you know you struggle to find the right candidates why not nurture them yourself from within your business. This way you can avoid the stresses of not finding suitable candidates when you go out to interview.

5.    If you can’t find them yourself, log on to TalentPuzzle and let the network of 1600 strong recruiters do the searching for you. You control the cost and only let the best recruiters work on your positions.

Hopefully by following a competency based recruitment process with a detailed job description and person specification, as well as an open mind, you should be able to fill those difficult vacancies.

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  1. Arras People says:

    It’s music to a niche recruiters ear, “a difficult to fill position”. Great article but the truth is, many organisations just find it too difficult to do the steps outlined above, especially if they’re recruiting positions right across the organisations. It would be great to see an article on how organisations can work with niche recruiters…..

  2. Jobs in the City of London says:

    Great advice and great post. Thanks!