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5 Things I just learned about Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

On a crisp Tuesday morning the TP team headed to No.11 Cavendish Square for Manners and Murphy‘s Employee Engagement Event.

Our team is tiny, so engagement is almost a non-issue at this stage. However, we are never ones to miss an opportunity to learn and network. All of the speakers were excellent and had different points to make but overall they echoed similar sentiments when it came to engagement in the workplace.

In no particular order, here are the Top 5 things I learned about Employee Engagement:

1. You cannot force your employees to be engaged.

The sooner everyone realises that you cannot force engagement on someone then we are one step closer to not wasting our time trying. The reality is the vast majority of employees want to be engaged, are ready to be engaged and have the autonomy to engage themselves. Your job as an employer is to not disengage them. How? Well it’s about having an open dialogue and finding the optimal environment for that individual to flourish and put in the discretionary effort you’d love to see.

2. There is a strong relationship between engagement and high performance Athletes

When Keith Hatter (Planet K2) made the comparison, the audience was a little perplexed (as you might be too). Think of it this way, high performance athletes are probably some of the most engaged people on the planet, however just because someone is a high performer at work, doesn’t mean they are highly engaged. Athletes defy great obstacles within their careers and that  largely down to to their mindset (and natural talents). They take responsibility for their performance despite the conditions. They always seek to do better than they did yesterday.

The governing thought of a high performing individual:

I need to be better at my job today, than I was yesterday.


The governing thought of an average or low performing individual:

What do I need to get done today?

3. People can be categorised using Richard Bartle’s Gamer psychology

If you don’t know who that is, that’s fine, neither did I until my best bud Google helped me out. The short version: He hypothesised that players can be categorized into 4 profiles: Killers, Achievers, Socialites and Explorers. Roger Gorman of Profinda very eloquently explained how this can relate to your employee engagement, thankfully we have his slide image that summarises this better than I ever could.

Richard Bartles Gamer's Persona's

4. Corporate culture can ruin a great culture through acquisition

If a company is large enough to acquire small companies like a Monopoly ninja. Chances are they might ruin the very culture that created great innovation worthy of acquisition in the first place. Maria Boucher explained the process Boeing is going through to try to overcome this, but it is an ongoing process. Check out her slides on the topic (they start at 33).

5. The price of not having engaged employees is TERRIFYING (no, really!)

The UK ranked 9th for engagement levels out of the 12 largest economies (as ranked by GDP) the level of disengagement in the UK workforce is costing us a lot of money. According to Cathy at Engage for Success if we moved to the top/middle of the quartile our GDP would increase by £25.8bn!!! Do it for England people!

A massive thank you to Jim and Matt for a great event and to all the speakers for their amazing insight into this immensely interesting topic. We are very much looking forward to the next one. You can view all the slides from the event here.

If you haven’t heard by now, Manners and Murphy are hosting the Employee Engagement Awards and the deadline is fast approaching, October 1st in fact. If your workplace is super engaged (and you also like George Lamb) then get your entry in today!

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Better Staff Retention- How to Stop Losing your Employees

It’s Friday, so I figured it best to keep words to a minimum and use a fun and informative video to highlight the importance of Employee engagement and what it can cost your company.


  • Gallup poll revealed 65% of employees feel they are not recognised.
  • 47% of high performers are thinking about leaving their current company.
  • The cost of losing an employee is approximately 1 1/2 times their annual salary.

Watch the video below to get the full scope of the issue:

For a more comprehensive take on the issue check out Kudos Now’s infographic on why a little thanks goes a long way.

Employee Engagement Infographic

On the topic of Employee Engagement, Manners and Murphy are putting together the Employee Engagement Awards on January 28th 2015. To put your company forward for one of the awards then head over to the website and get your submissions in. They award ceremony will be hosted by George Lamb!

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How to Attract Top Technical Talent?

Attracting Tech talent

There are two types of employers in this world, the type that candidates want to work for and the type that thinks every candidate wants to work for them. If you are in the latter you need this infographic more than anybody.

It’s never been more important to be realistic, especially when you are targeting the upper echelons of technical candidates; they have a lot of options. What makes you so special? If you want to catch them, you have got to be realisticcreative, and COMPETITIVE!

Many startups (and established brands) who use Talentpuzzle to find their Software Engineers, PHP developers, iOS developers, Data Scientists (and many more) have the expectation that they can treat these positions like any other commercial role. The reality is that in today’s market you need to be super savvy to secure the best. Check out our kickass infographic for all the facts, figures, hints, tips and tricks to help you attract the Top Technical Talent…. (As seen on Mashable!)

How To Attract Technical Talent Infographic

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*Quiz* Which Game of Thrones Character Do You Recruit Like?

Recruit like Daenerys Targaryen

In honour of the Game Of Thrones finale, have put together a Game of Thrones quiz to get GOT fans in the spirit of the finale and take your minds of the year long wait that follows. Take the quiz and discover who your recruitment GoT persona is…

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Watch: Chipotle’s Content Marketing: An Emotional Appeal

Chipotle’s employer brand video has gone viral because it connects with viewers in an emotional way. The video’s intention is to capture the viewers emotions through unpleasant imagery of the mistreatment of animals in the mass produced fast food market. At the end the main character, a scarecrow, has the desire to change things and creates a new product for the market with fresh ‘untreated’ ingredients.  Chipotle’s content marketing has definitely inspired many, view the video here:

What can you learn from Chipotle’s  Employer Brand video?

1. You can use emotional content to connect with your current and future employees; in fact it’s probably one of the most effective ways to connect with this audience.

2. Tell your story through different mediums, be it a blog, slide show, video, or pictures. The way you choose to express your brand is an expression of the brand. Flashy video’s aren’t for every company but perfectly curated blog posts might be.

3. Memorable and emotional content will attract talent that you may never have had access to if you had just stuck to the usual channels (i.e. job boards and career sites). Content in general has the power to expand your reach, they key is to distribute it to channels you didn’t utilise before.

4. Connecting with people has always been the most successful way to build and cultivate lasting relationships. If people feel connected with your brand they’d be more willing to share content, give referrals and be cheerleaders for the brand.

5. Let them feel like they can be hero- It is tempting to create content where the company is the hero and the employees are the ones that need to be saved. However that narrative is old and uninspired. The good candidates don’t want to be just a supporting character in your hero narrative they want to feel like they can be the hero when they join your cause.

What did you learn from the Chipotle’s Employer Brand video?

Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet us @talentpuzzle.

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